Digital Readiness Assessment

Digital Readiness Assessment

The 4OC Digital Readiness Assessment is a rapid review and analysis, which assesses how close an organisation is to achieving its digital ambitions. It then outlines how to effectively manage the change journey to new, innovative and more flexible ways of working. It is based on our first-hand experience of driving digitally enabled change across the spectrum of service delivery and customer and citizen engagement.

Using the Capability Maturity Model methodology, we assess 8 key areas across the business, including: 

Core Data Management: Data items that support cross functional management and reporting

Technology: The processes to ensure the appropriate technologies are chosen and maintained

End-to-End Process Management: Consistent approach to managing and reporting activities against service requests

Public/Customer Engagement: The approach and activities involved in engaging with the wider community to support both transformation and service delivery

Performance Management: The measures, service levels and reporting in place to support the management of services and to allow the organisation to develop intelligence on services delivered

Change Readiness: The capabilities, processes and standards to support transformational and ongoing service improvement for services.

Strategic Intent: A measure of the buy-in across the organisation to the strategies that have been adopted in support of transformational change

Social Media Integration: A measure of how well integrated a social media strategy is within the service delivery areas and across the wider organisation

Digital Disruption

Digitisation is disrupting how all organisations do business. This applies equally to the public sector as it does to the private sector. This disruption affects everything from customer relationships to supply chains, budget control to organisational models.

Digital has had a significant impact on customer behaviour. With mobile access, most people now expect 24/7 service.

Our Digital Readiness Assessment is a tool that will help organisations' identify the specific requirements to let them survive and thrive in today’s digital world.

Digital Outcomes

An objective insight of the organisation’s ability to deliver digital transformation

A clear, robust implementation plan

An organisation/service digital Roadmap

A benchmarked score against other local authorities

Re-aligned corporate and digital strategies

Digital Analysis

Do you have the right organisational structure and roles in place? Where are you succeeding and what are the barriers to effective channel shift?

We analyse your organisation against 8 categories including Core Data Management, Performance Management and Change Readiness.

We will work closely with you to define what you want to achieve through your Digital Readiness Assessment and will shape the outputs to your specific needs.

Digital Outputs

This assessment offers measures of, and insight into, the state of the current digital offering against a set of key benchmarks.

The recommendations will be prioritised based on local needs and the level of impact to the Council.

The outputs will take account of local drivers, requirements and financial pressures to provide a Roadmap to an improved, flexible digital service.


The outputs specifically describe the activities that an organisation will need to undertake to meet its objectives using technology as an enabler. It also sequences those activities, outlines their cost, describes the impacts they will have and explores how they should be managed.

The report and the outputs can be used to support senior managers in making informed decisions about the next stages of planning and also as a communication tool to engage staff and partners, as it clearly communicates the benefits and impacts of a digital approach.

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