4OC Consulting

In coming up with our approach, we spent a lot of time developing an innovative but rigorously tested set of tools. These tools were created from our extensive experience of what actually works but equally, what doesn't. We constantly review the methods we use and, when required, adapt and improve. So while our focus is always on delivering actual programmes of work with clearly defined outcomes, we continue to encounter new scenarios, new obstacles, new opportunities. All of these elements feed a dynamic review process that we think helps us to offer you the best service possible.

Business Case Development

Knowing that change is needed is a vital first step. Understanding exactly what that change is and how to make it happen can be a lot more tricky. Our job is to work with you to build a structured case for change. Our business case will incorporate a recommended option for change and our approach is to implement that change in a series of agreed steps.

It will clearly and concisely outline the following: the problem to be addressed in the context of the overall business; the options on the approach for achieving these outcomes; a recommended approach with all associated costs, risks and quantifiable benefits and the outcomes that need to be delivered. Our step-based design will help you manage both the expectations and the risks within your organisation/programme.

What is it we do? 4OC deliver an innovative, structured programme that engages and builds consensus for change across all the stakeholders. We provide a clear and common understanding of the problems/issues and how they will be addressed. Using 4OC, together with your organisation's intellectual capital, we identify the evidence and use industry best practice to develop coherent and focussed solutions. We then develop a structured plan with the associated costs and benefits and detail a low risk, incremental approach for implementing that change.

If you are already aware what the required outcomes are, we can offer support in the development of detailed implementation planning. This would include identification of the required resources, development of commissioning strategies and development of the required infrastructure to support a large programme of change.

Before progressing with a particular opportunity or challenge, there are a set of key decisions to be made: How to best use available resources; how to source solutions for the forthcoming work; and how to best use capability available across your organisation and its partners. Where it relates to design for operational delivery, our teams have a depth of experience in supporting organisations develop their thinking around an approach to future work. We draw on our tried and tested methodology to develop a solution that best meets your specific requirements. We don't do 'off-the-shelf'.

Increasingly, government agencies are focusing on the Transition and Transformation activities associated with a bid as one clear way to differentiate between bidders. It also provides assurance that reputational damage from issues with implementation is avoided. Our operational background and capability has supported us in the development of approaches to planning and design of programmes of change that have the best opportunity to succeed.

We know that transitions in organisations create risk. Moving from steady state into a new world very often creates turmoil. Mitigating and managing these risks and convincing stakeholders that you can manage that risk are key elements of this process. 4OC's extensive experience and confidence in our approach enable us to offer this security. We have supported many clients in the design and articulation of programmes of changes throughout the complete bid process.

We provide a step-by-step approach to supporting your organisation get the greatest value from the procurement process. Typically we will start by detailing your organisation's requirements through a comprehensive review with your staff. We then establish the scope of the procurement; carry out an analysis of the potential suppliers; manage the supplier delivery programme; and finally, support the go-live.

We use our comprehensive five-step approach that will support an end-to-end solution from verification of need to change through to ongoing operational effectiveness after project completion.

If you want to fundamentally review and understand your organisation's maturity, we have a range of tools to assess your service delivery, to help you understand the strengths and improvement opportunities in your day-to-day operations or your project and programme management disciplines.

On the other hand you may just want to review your delivery workstream to better understand a complex problem or to de-risk your operational delivery. Or an in-flight business case needs a review to determine the value in continuing. Or your programme team needs some focussed support on specific aspects of the delivery. It may even be the case that no urgent issues currently exist but you want independent assurance to assure you and your customers that your operation is running effectively.

For any of these situations 4OC have access to a hugely experienced bank of programme capability that can quickly develop a model that reflects the true state of play and recommend a range of options for addressing your issue. We have led on programme delivery and dealt with countless scenarios that put programmes and projects at risk. This experience has put is in a strong position to offer the right support to ensure that your programme won't fail.