What We Do

Our innovative, straightforward and structured approach breaks change down into incremental low risk steps. What this does is help to ensure that staff, managers and everyone affected by the change become fully engaged in the process, have a clear understanding of its impact and are fully informed of the expectations of each of them. 4OC look to build a consensus for change, making transitions and transformations effective but also rewarding for all involved.
1. Understand.
Our first step is to try to understand what the problem is and to swiftly develop an outline solution. We work through this activity together with you and your teams. Our clients have told us that this is often the most valuable thing we do. Running through this process will bring clarity to your thinking and order to your priorities. Sometimes it will all stop here. This intervention alone may allow you to get on with what you need to do without the need for further support from 4OC.
3. Engage.
Successfully producing the best results requires the active involvement of everyone involved in the solution. Each person needs to understand what it is that you are trying to achieve, what contribution it is they can make, and most importantly, how it's going to impact them.
5. Adapt.
Collectively we have an abundance of first-hand experience resolving some really difficult business issues. This background has made us realistic about what and how change can be achieved. It also means that we're human, faults and all. Change can be very stressful for everybody, so we tend to take the issues seriously but usually not ourselves. We find that this helps getting through the tough times a little more pleasant.
2. Communicate.
Once we have recognised and defined the problem, the next step is to work with you to ensure that everyone connected with the work understands it too. This helps to bring all the stakeholders on board and generates a commitment to the shared goal of building an effective solution.
4. Develop.
Our approach centres on bringing your team along with us on the journey. As we work together through the planning and implementation phases, we share our knowledge and experience to build on each person's capability and skill sets. We create a healthy environment where people are allowed (not encouraged) to make mistakes. Collectively we work to understand and resolve these issues, which ultimately will help to cement their learning and broaden their experience.
6. Deliver.
Our teams are hands-on and bring with them a wealth of direct delivery experience with fully tried and tested approaches, methodologies and strategies. We have proven performance and risk management skills. We deliver on our cost and benefit commitments. And we deliver it all on time. Sometimes we even deliver pizza.